The Characters

Cold Bro

Despite his cool exterior, Cold Bro is still internally struggling with the hard realities of mediocrity. He once dreamed of climbing the ‘corporate ladder’ and having a purpose driven criminal career… but with Guys like Fast Guy out to trample every Bro with a dream, what’s the point. Thus Cold Bro now finds himself a cynical lost soul ready to pessimistically wander in search of self purpose.




Weather Bro

You know that guy who could get any girl? Weather Bro is him… but with superpowers! Or at least he was. After his last confrontation with Fast Guy, he found himself without the the ability to command the elements as he once had. As one of the most likable Bros out there, he has a social network that is far reaching and even includes some Guys… at least when he’s not committing a crime.




Mirror Bro

A modern day narcissus… literally. His fascination with mirrors started at an early age when he decided it was more interesting spending time with himself than others. The only exception is his friendship with Weather Bro who has been looking out for him since grade school. With his social awkwardness and no powers of his own, he is generally seen as an annoyance to the Guys and a majority of the Brogues.