The Brogues
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The Brogues

Ever wake up and realize life didn’t turn out the way you imagined it? Oh you knew it would be hard work but you were going to get out there and change the world! You weren’t going to be some grinder punching a clock, you were going to be somebody! But now it starts to sink in. You are a nobody just like everyone else. Not a year into your ‘career’ and all your dreams have been trampled over by somebody else. Plus your only skills involve firing a freeze ray, calling down irregular storms, or looking in a mirror…. wait did we loose you?

The Brouges web comic takes a parodical look the life of a few millennial super villains attempting to piece together a plan B after the ‘heroes’ of their world have put an end to their dreams of a meaningful criminal career.

Cover Art by the Amazing Russ Hicks

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